The chances of a successful M&A integration are dramatically increased when all three elements of the M&A Integration House are present. Leaders must possess leadership awareness, self awareness as well as organizational awareness.

You decide for yourselves which parts of your (collective or individual) M&A Integration House need repair or maybe even rebuilding. The way in which each one of you applies this tool is thus different from the application of everyone else. Every journey is unique.


The M&A Integration House makes you an M&A integration expert, allowing you to actually change the M&A integration success rate from 30 per cent to 79 per cent for every future acquisition.

The traditional linear approach is wishful thinking. That is what we wish an M&A integration would look like, but it never does. The M&A Integration House invites you to follow the realistic and messier route when you plan and implement the M&A-triggered changes. You get to control the process instead of being subject to it.

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I want to escape miserable mergers and welcome marvellous mergers.

That is why I built the M&A Integration House while writing my books on M&A and change leadership. The M&A Integration House is made up of three layers: the basement, the walls and the roof.

In an actual house you cannot leave out a layer without causing the house to collapse. The three layers are interlinked and interdependent. The same goes for successful M&A integration. You cannot leave out a layer of the M&A Integration House without causing the M&A process to collapse, thus never delivering on the planned synergies.

The Culture Due Diligence Matrix is the latest addition to the M&A toolbox, one that I developed after many conversations with my podcast guests.

- Hanne Jessen Krarup, Author, Lawyer, M Psych