is based on the book

Leading Change Management 

– a Nordic Twist

by Hanne Jessen Krarup

The book Leading Change Management - a Nordic Twist


'Leading Change Management – a Nordic Twist' creates a much needed bridge between law and humanities. It introduces a leadership style allowing leaders to successfully handle M&A related organizational changes. 

The book has a separate chapter about M&A related change.

The ideas and tools in the book are presented in the form of the M&A Integration House – a concept which I have developed over the years, based on a combination of leadership and management theory coupled with more than 20 years of experience as an M&A lawyer. This is the concept from which the M&A Integration House was derived; a hands-on tool for marvellous mergers and successful M&A integration.

'Leading Change Management – a Nordic Twist'
gives you a deeper understanding of the research and theory behind the M&A Integration House.

– Hanne Jessen Krarup, Author, Lawye
r, M. Psych.

Using the M&A Integration House involves letting others walk in your shoes

– Hanne Jessen Krarup, Author, Lawyer, M. Psych.



Motivation booster!

Change Mangement.. easy??? Don't think it'll ever be, but I learned some new insights. Just finished “Leading Change Managent - a Nordic Twist” written by Hanne Jessen Krarup and this was a motivation booster. Well explained, new and old theory perspectives, great tools and frameworks ?? Especially the guidance on dealing with the paradoxes and competing values.

Anja Ruff IT PMO and Programme Manager Merger & Acquisitions at DS Smith

I highly recommend Hanne's book – it has been a great inspiration!

I highly recommend Hanne's book. It has been a great inspiration in my quality management work with – and thus in change management – in the Technology and Environment Unit of Aarhus Municipality.

Kristian Lei Kaltoft Chief consultant at Aarhus Municipality, Denmark