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Take-away toolbox of unique tools and methods ensuring marvellous mergers and successful M&A integration


Far from half of all mergers and acquisitions end up realizing synergies as planned and predicted.

There are many dimensions to successful M&A planning. Oftentimes we focus primarily on tangible aspects such as strategi, law and finance, and much less on the change process inherent in M&A.

Hanne designed the Culture Due Diligence Matrix and the M&A Integration House to plan and address the change process without losing perspective and synergies.

Because M&A is not black or white. M&A is a linear process capable of being planned and predicted as well as a change process involving people whose reactions we cannot always predict. Hanne's keynotes and workshops will teach you how the two interact to the benefit of both people, earnings and successful M&A integration. Now that's a marvellous merger!


The world has changed when you leave Hanne's keynote or workshop. You now have a box full of tools for acting and reflecting, leaving you much better equipped not only for the linear and predictable M&A process but also for the change process populated by people whose reactions we cannot always predict. You take with you valuable hands on tools ready to use the next day and reflection tools the significance of which go far beyond your next M&A integration. 

Leading Change Management - a Nordic Twist


Hanne and her model can greatly help develop self-awareness and improve the likelihood of success!

Hanne gave a two hour presentation for the ACMP network! And that was way too little ?

Hanne hits the nail on the head when it comes to understanding why changes rarely succeed. When you use the 'burning platform' as a management tool, employees will either 'freeze', ‘flee’ or slave their way to a sick leave. Instead, by involving you can lead in such a way that employees feel a sense of ownership & take initiatives, thus being more than twice as likely to succeed! As leaders we must have a high degree of self-insight, willingness and ability to improve our leadership skills. And Hanne and her model can greatly help develop that! I warmly recommend Hanne’s approach!

Pernille Sode / President ACMP Denmark

I highly recommend Hanne's book – it has been a great inspiration!

I highly recommend Hanne's book. It has been a great inspiration in my quality management work with – and thus in change management – in the Technology and Environment Unit of Aarhus Municipality.

Kristian Lei Kaltoft / Chief consultant at Aarhus Municipality, Denmark

Motivation booster!

Change Mangement.. easy??? Don't think it'll ever be, but I learned some new insights. Just finished “Leading Change Managent - a Nordic Twist” written by Hanne Jessen Krarup and this was a motivation booster. Well explained, new and old theory perspectives, great tools and frameworks ?? Especially the guidance on dealing with the paradoxes and competing values.

Anja Ruff / IT PMO and Programme Manager Merger & Acquisitions at DS Smith