Hanne Jessen Krarup serves as trusted M&A integration advisor to buyers and investors, target companies as well as to other M&A advisors, often taking the Culture Due Diligence Matrix and/or the M&A Integration House as the starting point.


70 to 90 per cent of all mergers and acquisitions fail, and culture clash is the most cited reason for M&A failure. Culture clash carry enormous costs. However, the failure rate reduces dramatically once company culture is mapped and employees are involved.


A Culture Due Diligence Matrix identifies culture clashes and culture fits between the buyer and the target company, partly as an element of the  'should/shouldn't buy' decision prior to the acquisition, and partly as a guide for setting priorities after closing. Consequently, a Culture Due Diligence Matrix enables a more accurate pricing and allows you to plan and execute a correctly focused Post Merger Integration.


A Culture Due Diligence Matrix sheds light on the S (Social) and the G (Governance) part of ESG.


The Culture Due Diligence Matrix was developed using Hanne's more than 20 years of legal M&A practice experience, added organizational psychology and the knowledge of processional podcast guests visiting Hanne's podcast 'M&A Lounge - Leading Change' (Danish).

Once the Culture Due Diligence Matrix has identified culture clashes, culture fits, culture adds and possible absent culture, the M&A Integration House is the toolbox that provides specific tools and solutions for addressing the identified issues.