Customized routes

Customized routes through the Change M&A Model have been designed for investors or board members, leaders, change agents and advisors, respectively. Read more about the routes, choose the customized route applicable to your position, and be guided through your version of the Change M&A Model.

Each customized route gives you access to a limited number of change blocks in the model. The change blocks contain circular references across the customized routes. You may at any time upgrade your subscription to the complete Change M&A Model and get instant access to all change blocks by paying the price difference.

Choose your own route through the Change M&A Model


YOU ARE an investor looking to approach a new target company, or the owner of the acquiring or the target company, or your are a board member in either company.


YOU ARE a C-level executive or a middle manager. You may or may not be directly involved in the M&A, but some or all of your direct reports will be affected.

Change agent

YOU ARE heading the acquisition or otherwise involved in the M&A process to a large extent. You may be a project manager, an M&A manager or involved in HR.


YOU ARE an external consultant engaged to assist one or more of the companies involved in the M&A. You could be a lawyer, a banker or an accountant.